Meet Our Founder

Meet the Founder
“We started Shapes with the goal to have our team help women who wanted a place of their own. We are 100% focused on the needs of our members, who just happen to be all women. And this is the difference between us and other fitness centers.”

Debbie Stewart

Debbie Stewart along with Vince Julien founded Shapes on the idea that women want to exercise in facilities that were tailored to their needs. Together, they recognized that the women’s only fitness market was underserved and opened the original Shapes location with the most state-of-the-art equipment and programming. That philosophy has continued today—with the new boutique model serving women by providing the latest equipment, personal training, group and small group training classes.

The passion that they share in impacting women’s heath while providing members with both personalized and customized training programs is contagious. They have built an organization that is focused on the needs of women.