Welcome to My Chakra Connection

When I started to think about creating a site related to the Chakra system or Energy Centers, I did it with the purpose and main intention to try to reach and touch as many as possible. My focus in life…my global purpose, one might say… is to help people understand that there are ways to help ourselves in an easy, non-invasive way; a way that is innate in all of us…a way that was intended by our Creator.

When our Chakras or Energy Centers run smoothly, we are in balance. On the contrary, when we have an imbalance, meaning one of the Chakras is not in balance, we can experience a physical symptom affecting a particular area of our body or a psychological or emotional symptom, which will affect our outlook, mood, feelings and thoughts, which will translate into doubt, anger, anxiety, fear, negative feelings destructive relationships, lock of love to others and oneself…have you ever experienced discomfort when leaving a store, the theater, the stadium, a gathering, etc? I know, we all have. Whenever that happens, there is a reason. Somehow a blockage has been produced in our Energy system or Chakras. As we know, we are energy and we are One with other beings living on Earth and when one is affected, there is a repercussion in our bodies, minds and souls.

My hope is that with the help of mychakraconnection.com, you will be able to learn to tap on what Is creating an imbalance and at the same time have the ability to help yourselves by following the meditations tailored for each and every Chakra, which will raise the vibrational frequency of your body, which in turn will adjust the energy flow bringing balance and harmony to your body, your mind and Spirit in a unison.

I invite you to explore the app and enjoy the results, which will bring balance and well being to your life.